Best Home Based Business in 2015 and Beyond

best home based digital businessIf you’re a follower of this blog, chances are you’ve thought about starting a home based business using the internets before (and yes, I did just pull a Bush plural on that one!).

You may have even tried your hand at a business or two, and are trying to figure out how to take things to the next level.

In this post I’ll go through a few of my ideas for the best home based businesses in 2015, keeping in mind the ever-changing world of internet marketing and how to stay profitable online.

Sell a Product

In my opinion, the best business hands down is one where you control the product. This might be a digital information product, like a course, or a physical product you have designed and manufactured, or even a dropshipping business.

The point is simply to be in charge of your own product, and make sure that you control some sort of intellectual property around it.

If you’re going to go this route, your best bet is to start with one of the existing learning platforms out there, like Udemy. These platforms will let you upload and host your course for free, and will even take care of a sizable part of your own marketing, and work to sell the course for you.

It’s a great, low cost way to get going. Click here to learn more about creating an Udemy course.

Affiliate Businesses

If you don’t have a product or don’t know how to develop one, affiliate marketing is still a valid option for earning money online. Affiliate businesses account for a huge sum of $15+ billion annually, which is a sizable chunk of all online marketing budgets.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, building an affiliate marketing business has a very low barrier to entry. While this makes it easy and low cost to start, it also means that in the long run you’re going to face a fair amount of competition. And, keep in mind that most of the profits are likely going to the company that owns the product, rather than your own bottom line, so be careful how you plan to scale this.

Read more about affiliate marketing success stories if you’re interested in going down this road. Or check out this video from

 Amazon Selling

Another great business model that’s emerged for the digital entrepreneur is Amazon selling.

Under this model, the idea is to choose popular products on Amazon, which you then can source wholesale and resell for a profit.

The key to having a profitable business under this model is to learn a bit about SEO and make sure that you rank for the key terms you’re trying to sell, either with an external webpage or within the Amazon algorithm itself.

Read more about selling on Amazon.

More Info On Best Digital Businesses

I hope this post helps you get a high level view of some of the most popular and most profitable online businesses you can start from your living room, without ever changing out of your nightgown…assuming people still wear nightgowns, that is.

If you want to learn more about what it takes to start out as a digital entrepreneur, and get more ideas for good businesses you can start from home, check out this guide to the best digital home based business!

That’s it for today and feel free to comment if you have any questions, insight, or experience on working from home and starting your own internet business!


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