CMO and Agency Recruiting

growthAnother popular service we here at CTA Talent are pleased to offer is a recruiting and pairing service either for new full time employees or for freelance contractors and marketing agencies.

Which option is the best fit for your business depends on your current growth path and ability to invest in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

It’s important to note that there is no single best option for all companies, which is why we work with you to develop a custom plan to meet your online marketing goals, while hitting those crucial budget numbers.

In other words, it’s all about growing your business on your terms.

CMO Recruiting

CMO and VP of Marketing recruiting is a good option for your small business if you think that your investment in online marketing is going to be a long term strategic growth element.

Many times, companies will come to us looking to hire their first full time marketing staff member, and rather than wanting to hire an intern or other entry level position first, they decide to build out their team from the top down.

The key here is that recruiting for a CMO or VP of Marketing without any other supporting team implies you will be committing to the development of that team in the near future.

In this example, the idea is to bring on the senior level marketer first, to help hone the strategy and decide where to invest, and then have the ability to build out the marketing department as appropriate for the overall company objectives.

Marketing Agency Matching

Sometimes, however, developing a full fledged marketing team isn’t appropriate, or even realistic for a small business.

In those instances, it’s best to work with consultants or agencies to create your plan, and decide how to invest your marketing budget.

Agencies are great options for many businesses who can’t find the right “jack of all trades” and can’t invest in full time roles for diverse marketing positions. Rather than hire a part time social media marketer, and part time media buyer, and part time SEO specialist, for example, the business might hire a single agency to fulfill all of the needed tasks.

Of course, hiring out all of those roles at once isn’t always as easy as it seems, so we’ll be there to help guide you and make sure you’re buying into all of the services you really need, and not the ones you don’t!

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