Marketing Training

marketing trainingOne of our most popular options for clients is to work with one of our pre-designed marketing training programs.

You can choose from a number of existing options, or work with us to determine a program that’s right for you, meeting exactly your needs.

Our training resources run the gamut from working with state of the art, top of the line programs already available, to filling in the gaps with our own patented materials.

Our marketing training is designed for you to invest in your employees, and the future of your company, by building a solid foundation of marketing expertise in house, without having to hire an expensive CMO or Agency.

For many small businesses, this is by far the most affordable option we provide, though it often takes several months to get your new training up and running for your business!

Some of our training topics include:

Website Design for Marketers

With our marketing design course, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of how website conversion works, complete with information on A/B split testing and current trends in landing page design.

While you don’t need to know the nitty gritty of any programming languages to be successful, this is meant for a project manager or team lead working with your web professionals to pull together a website and/or landing page that will convert your site visitors into customers in the most efficient way possible!

Social Media Marketing

Another popular area to focus on is social media marketing. Social media lets you take advantage of the positive customer experiences you generate to help spread word of mouth marketing online.

With this path, you’ll learn the basics of what counts in the web 2.0 world and what doesn’t, and be prepared to grow your reach by increasing your followers and building brand loyalty.

Paid Advertising

With our paid advertising program, you’ll be able to learn the fundamental differences between many of the popular paid ad channels, from Google Adwords to Facebook Ads, Cost per Click to display metrics, and everything up to paying affiliate marketers directly for conversions!

With this background, you’ll be able to sift through the good and bad of where to spend your money to buy users’ attention.


Finally, one of the most lucrative marketing investments many businesses can make is to go after SEO and SEM techniques.

This path, which stands for search engine optimization and search engine marketing, is a great way to generate free, targeted traffic, and is one of the best pull marketing techniques available.

We’ll teach you what makes sites trustworthy in the eyes of the search engines, and what black hat techniques you’ll want to stay away from in order to maximize your chances of success online!

Read more about these topics on our blog!

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